Virtual Christmas Tree

for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International

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Video showreel
The tree in all its glory
One of many ornements on the tree
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"I am the Ghost of Christmas Present," said the Spirit.
"Look upon me!"

Christmas is already here with the launch of the worlds largest virtual Christmas tree to help celebrate the launch of Disney’s Jim Carrey holiday blockbuster -
A Christmas Carol.

The virtual Christmas tree is an application which allows users to create and share their very own Christmas ornaments across social networks around the world.

This viral application integrates with Facebook Connect and a Widget to challenge you to grow the tree higher than the worlds tallest landmarks and track which countries are leading the tally of ornament creators.

Key Application Features:

• Facebook Connect Integration
• Gigya Social Network Integration
• Tracking Christmas Spirit by Country
• Live tree height updating as ornaments are added
• Height comparison to real world objects
• Sharing ornaments using social networks
• Challenge to get your ornament to the top of the tree
• Widget for users to embed in their site of choice