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"What goes around comes around"

With a vision to change the world through connecting people with the charities and causes that are closest to their hearts (whether it be starving children in Africa or a soup kitchen down the street) Karma Currency aims to make charitable acts part of our everyday lives.

To support this vision Karma Currency asked WeAreDigital to partner by creating the site and unique user experience to make it a reality. Instead of giving platters, socks, photo frames and other useless gifts the platform allows companies and individuals to give the gift of Charity Gift Vouchers. This Charitable voucher can be sent to families or friends, customers or colleagues, empowering them to give the donation to the charities they care about most.

The outcome being that Karma Currency is now the most soulful, meaningful, environmentally friendly and enjoyable gift you can give.
The gift that 'spreads the love'.

As Karma would have it, the partnership has been recognized on a global level by taking out a World Summit Award for Best e-business.

With hundreds of charities registered and a bucket load of money raised, Karma Currency has proven to be an important new online business model for e-philanthrophy in Australia.


World Summit Award 2009
Best e-business & commerce

AIMIA Awards
Finalist - Best non-profit/government