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"Taking an established offline retail brand and business online"

After conducting a robust audit of the online pharmacy category, a clear gap and opportunity was identified for the pharmacy retail chain Pulse. Once the detailed research and specification phase was complete the ecommerce solution was designed and developed by WeAreDigital.

Featuring a clean design, intuitive search and browse tools the site is structured to help customers find what they’re looking for and more from the thousands of featured products. Features such as contextual merchandising zones, product comparison
functionality and customer reviews
all add to the shopping experience.

The site now features online prescription service allowing customers to order and mange their repeat prescriptions online.

WeAreDigital now partners with Pulse to drive, manage and promote the site on a day to day basis with a constant focus on driving revenue, enhancing the customer experience and improving conversion rates. The site has successfully managed to grow revenue since launch on a month by month basis.