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"Plan your future"

Australia's leading university, The University of Melbourne, appointed WeAreDIgital to architect, design and develop a course search application.

With course selection being an inherently complex beast, we set out to simplify this process by creating an accessible and easy to use front door into the university for prospective pre and post graduates.

With the recent launch of the Melbourne Model courses - six new generation undergraduate courses that can lead to career pathways, via various graduate courses - the application required an elegant design that was able to communicate the pathway structure to prospective students.

Instead of using a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and filter approach, we crafted a more modern, iPhone-style interface for multi-faceted searching and browsing.

For any course, there is a visual snapshot of both the pathways to and from that course, and a quick reveal of course details.

Would-be students can save courses as favourites and also see their browsing history. Each course is a seen as a product, while the course search application is like a shopping cart with the main objective to convert.