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Hot off the press: check out storePlay in the Financial Review.

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Who said retail was tough?

Read all about Country Road's secrets to their 71% increase in profits and omni-channel success.

Retail Revolution on the Digital Rise

Sneakerboy Magazine Article

Celebrating the triumph of Chris Kyvetos's retail revolution, Sneakerboy, The Australian newspaper published a two-page story commending the innovation of Sneakerboy's retail methods. Emerging from the facade of a traditional street store, Sneakerboy's point of sale is strictly e-commerce. Journalist Carlie Philips spoke to our Director, Karson Stimson, who explained that "customers can opt to shop entirely online or alternatively experience the physical retail environment... Gone are the days of brand dictatorship - customers now hold the purchasing power in their hands".

Click here to read more about how Sneakerboy maximises stock whilst minimising floor, beginning a new wave in retail revolution.



Following on from our B&T 2012 Specialist Agency of the Year award, the WeAreDigital team have been crowned the 2013 Digital Services Company of the Year.

A humbled thank you to our extended team - staff, clients, suppliers, friends and family.


WeAreDigital at LMFF Fashion Festival Business Seminar

People Power: Using Social Media

Our director Karson Stimson is hosting a panel at the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Business Seminar this year on the emerging digital trend of social curation and the rise in user-generated content.

The speakers are Quynh Mai from Moving Image & Content, Emily Bidwell from Etsy, Simon Goodrich from Portable and Svscription, and Hilary Peterson from Lyst.

With the rise of digital technology and the phenomenon of social media, people all over the world are, in fact, sharing their virtual pinboards on sites like Pinterest ...
... While it can be easy to get deafened by the noise, a bit of expert navigation will help you form a streamlined river of information to feed into your business.

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