Streamlining for success: the automation toolkit.

Your automation roadmap to help future-ready your business.

By WeAreDigital.

Do Less, Achieve More.

Businesses today are facing increasing pressures from every angle. There's the slow economy, high cost of living, and cautious spending. Customers are starting and ending their experiences across different devices, blurring the lines between different channels. And service expectations are higher than ever, with personalized, always-on service considered the bare minimum.

To survive—let alone thrive—businesses need to find a way to do less and achieve more.

Strategic automation is the key to tackling these challenges. By ensuring information flows smoothly between systems and processes run seamlessly across departments, automation can deliver an elevated and efficient customer experience. In this paper, developed in partnership with Shopify, we guide your automation journey by highlighting the opportunities, addressing common barriers, and sharing practical tools to help you get started with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  1. 01

    Overcome automation anxiety

  2. 02

    Audit your business to highlight opportunities

  3. 03

    Identify and prioritise actions

  4. 04

    See real-world examples

  5. 05

    Take the next step

Who will this help?

This paper can best help eCommerce managers, senior executives, and business owners of retail e-commerce businesses with:

  1. 01

    An actual or target revenue of between $20 -$ 200+ Million

  2. 02

    Operations with medium to high complexity

  3. 03

    Challenges knowing where to go next with automation.

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