Happiness is the truth.

We believe in helping others succeed. We believe that happy people create great results. And great results create happy clients.

From day one, we have been committed to making WeAreDigital a place where people can be themselves, making incredible work - sustainably. This means work life balance. This means giving autonomy to work in a way that suits you and from wherever you want. This means having a clear and connected purpose to our mission and the work. This means being able to master your craft and continue your own learning and development to be better. This means working with an incredible team helping you produce the best work of your career. And doing all this in a warm, welcoming and, inclusive environment with people who give a shit.

Global Talent

We currently operate in locations across Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand. Open working environments allow us to attract diverse and talented people, wherever they reside.

Learn with the best

Talented people work with us to learn and grow from one another and surround themselves with a world-class team. We believe that by constantly investing in our team's development, we build a challenged and brilliant team.

Purpose and Values

We engage with our team daily and strive to live and breathe our core values of Truth, Heart, Tribe and Play. Each quarter we regroup, measure how we are performing, assess if we are staying true to our values and also discuss ways to improve.


Our ClubHouse is open five days per week and while we value in person collaboration we also support remote and hybrid working. We offer a 100% flexible and trusting working environment, always.

We hear you

Making sure our people are happy is what really matters. We celebrate and value our people and our clients. We are a team with a flat structure, no politics and believe that all opinions help build a better future.


Our culture is an unwavering belief that happy people create great work and that happy people flourish from thoughtful, flexible and supported work environments. We invest in our staffs continued growth and mental, physical and emotional health. We champion our core values and their supporting behaviours. We hold ourselves and each other to account to live and breathe these - every day.


  • Honesty, Transprency, Authenticity.

  • Say what you feel and do what you say.

  • Keep it real, keep it simple.


  • Giving a shit for each other, our work, and our clients.

  • Be passionate and have a crack.

  • Be kind, humble, and respectful.


  • Communication and Collaboration.

  • Support each other.

  • Connection.


  • Have some fun.

  • Be Curious - always.

Happy people create great results and great results create happy clients.

Open Roles

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